Wildlife Feeds

We carry an extensive line of wildlife feeds to help make this hunting season a record breaking one!  The Feed Lot has a variety of deer, quail, and wild bird feeds.  We also have in stock mineral supplements, blocks, and attractants.  Bulk pricing and delivery are available.  Click on the logos below for more information.


Rice Brans also available

Wildlife Seed

We carry a variety of deer plot seed mixes, as well as, individual blends.  We have several types of oats, wheat, rye grass, chicory, rape, winter peas, and specialty premixed blends.  Fertilizer, bulk pricing, and delivery are also available.  Please click on the logo below to learn more about some of our seed blends.  Give us a call or click here to see what all blends are available.


Wildlife Supplies


Wild bird seed PMI and feed quail


Game cameras, feeders, and food plot spreaders in stock

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We carry traps for all kinds of critters.

We carry traps for all kinds of critters.

                                    Variety of scent baits in stock

                                    Variety of scent baits in stock